Easy to Use

How would you like it if there are no lengthy user or instructions manual to be read?

Phidelity solutions are intuitively easy to implement and use so that you can waste less time to navigate the usability and focus more on securing what matters more.

No Speed Bump

Phidelity is designed to be a product that can be rapidly deployed so that you can get up to speed in protecting your documents as soon as possible.



No Special Paper Required

Simply embed our solutions onto your current print workflow to enjoy the protection that Phidelity offers to safeguard the authenticity of your documents without the use of any special paper.


No Special Printer Required

There are no special printers* to purchase. Your conventional laser printer can do the job. .

Phidelity prides itself in displaying good print permanence for its security features on normal printers and effectively works well to prevent the tampering of documents.