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Despite advances in technology and the paperless movement, the paper document is still a vital form of trusted communication. Unfortunately, paper documents are vulnerable to threats such as unauthorized printing, forgery and counterfeiting. CrimsonLogic's unique Phidélity product counters these problems using cutting-edge technologies.



does my organization need document security?

For all the advances that electronic communication technologies have made over the past few decades, the printed document is still a vital form of trusted communication. Unfortunately, our reliance on the hardcopy comes with a downside: hundreds of security breaches such as unauthorized printing, document theft, document counterfeiting, and document leakage are reported yearly. Data breaches can lead to losses worth millions of dollars and severely dent customer trust. A recent UK-based study estimated that the annual organizational cost to a business suffering a data breach was over £2m and growing. Over 75% of enterprises have indicated that print is critical or very important to their business activities, and 63% admitted they have experienced a print-related data breach. An astounding 90% of public sector respondents admit to one or more paper-based data breaches. Clearly, secure printing is a problem that needs a major re-think for today's business and government environments.


What is Phidélity?

Phidélity is a document security product that guards against the counterfeit, forgery and disclosure of hardcopy printouts. Combining advanced security technologies with innovative ideas, CrimsonLogic's Phidélity product suite offers a powerful and flexible secure printing solution using only normal paper and a typical office printer with regular toner. Phidélity integrates seamlessly with existing document generation applications and printing ecosystems, and requires minimal change to user behaviour.



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